About us

Combus has established since 1979 and we are a well form professional sporting goods buying agency. We have located our office in both Taiwan and China, by doing this, it allows us to accelerate the speed to meet the requirement of our customers, and expand our company in a very stabilize way 
Our president Mr. Lin Kuo Liang has been in the industry for more than 30 years, other than knowing every single products’ technical matter, he has been forming well relationship with almost all the factories in both Taiwan and China, which allows usto contact the factories and finding the products that our customer need in a very fast way. Mr. Lin has pass his knowledge to all of our staffs in the office, therefore; our company has all of the capabilities to achieve any requirement and solve any technical issues that surfaced before shipping out of factories. 
We have customers from almost all over the world such as Japan, Russia, UK, US, Turkey, etc. Which means our freight division is totally capable of handling and dealing with the freight company from all over the countries. 
 Our company is trained to meet the need and demand for our customers, and we have never let any single one of our 
customer down during our years of operation. With that achievement, we are very proud and confident at serving any single new customers we may encounter in the future.